Our Headstander fits everyone because it consists of two pieces that you place at the right width for your shoulders.
All of her weight flows through her shoulders and hands; none through her head or neck. Note space between the floor and the top of her head.

Relieves neck and shoulder tension in Headstand;
supports you in the Bridge pose.

When you use our Headstander, approximately 90% of your weight moves through your shoulders, 10% through your palms, and none through your head or neck. Because your head and neck bear no weight, the Headstander will help if Headstands give you neck or head pain. Ours is the best of all Headstand tools because it's the only one that places your hands at floor level, in a real Headstand position.

The Headstander's shoulder pads press your shoulder muscles and shoulder blades toward your hips. This pressure releases chronic tension from the muscles of your neck, shoulders, and skull, and can relieve headaches caused by shoulder and neck spasms.

If you need help balancing, place the Headstander where your feet can rest against a wall when you're inverted (see photos below).

Our Headstander fits everyone because it consists of two unjoined supports that you position at the proper width for your shoulders. (Position them as close to your neck as possible, without squishing your ears.) Its soft, firm upholstery supports your shoulders comfortably.

You can practice many Headstand variations while using the Headstander (see photos below).

The Headstander is crafted of solid mahogany, finely sanded, and finished with a natural plant-based protective polish. The Headstander Usage Guide, included, explains how to position and use the Headstander, learn to balance, and practice variations.

Because each piece is hand-crafted, this item is sometimes back-ordered and must be built for your order. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be charged upon order, balance charged when we ship.

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Headstander: $295
See the light beneath the crown of her head? It's there because her head is hanging freely -- bearing no weight!