The position above stretches the muscles on the fronts of her thighs as the Heart Bench stretches her chest.
The Heart Bench and Heart Block have the same profile. Because the Heart Block fits between your shoulder blades, your chest opens from side to side as well as from neck to navel.

Heart Bench
Stretches chest; extends upper spine; counteracts humpback;
deepens breathing; relieves menstrual cramps and constipation;
stimulates kidney circulation.

The Heart Bench  relieves chest tightness and counteracts humpback
by pressing the vertebrae of your upper spine toward the center of your body. When you lie on the Heart Bench, your chest expands, your breathing deepens and your spine extends. It is a superb support for deep breathing, stress reduction and relaxation.

You can recline with your hips on the floor, or you can invert on the Heart Bench. When you invert -- with your shoulders on the floor and your hips on the bench -- the most intense stretch occurs in your chest. When you lie with your hips on the floor and your shoulders on the bench, the most intense stretch occurs in your abdomen. Stretching your abdominal organs will tone and nourish them through better blood circulation.  Abdominal stretching is also an excellent way to relieve menstrual cramps, constipation and abdominal tension.

You can place your legs in many different positions. Each pose stretches different abdominal organs, hip muscles, and leg muscles.

By applying gentle pressure to your kidneys, the Heart Bench stimulates the function of these vital cleansing organs.

We construct our Heart Bench with pocket dovetails for stability and beauty (see bottom right image). We round round all edges, sand all surfaces and polish the Heart Bench so it looks beautiful and feels great!

The Heart Bench is made of solid mahogany and include the Heart Bench Usage Guide,  that explains how to use and care for the Heart Bench.

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Heart Bench: $325
The pose above stretches her inner thighs  and creates a sideways stretch of her abdominal organs as the Heart Bench extends her upper spine.
The position above increases blood flow around her thyroid gland and  helps to relieve constipation.