In 1979, we were yoga students, attending classes at a yoga studio in California. In gratitude, we made a gift for our yoga teachers: Felicity Green, Lolly Font, and Elise Miller. We built a yoga bench, modeled on a photograph that one of our friends brought home from B.K.S. Iyengar's studio in Pune, India. Our teachers liked the bench, and used it during studio classes. Before long, students and teachers began asking whether we would fabricate other equipment they had seen at Iyengar's studio: Backbending Benches, Yoga Ropes, Inversion Slings, Sandbags, Straps, Shoulderstand Benches, and more.

We enjoyed making yoga equipment, and felt that our vocation had found us.

Since 1979, we have maintained our yoga practice, and nurtured this yoga equipment business. We design and manufacture yoga furniture at our wood shop in the United States. Our design decisions always prioritize functionality, durability, and beauty over profit margins.

Likewise, we produce our Bolsters, Inversion Slings, Yoga Ropes, Sandbags, Straps, and Eyesbags in the United States.

We are committed to selling the highest quality yoga equipment.

We are a small family business, operated by human beings. Because we are not a corporation, we empathize with human concerns including ethics, health, beauty, and privacy.
We never sell, rent, or trade our customers' names, phone numbers, or email addresses.

In designing and building yoga equipment, we consult with experts so that we offer you the very best.

We match or beat anyone's price on an identical item in identical quantities.

We ship your order within one business day from the day we receive payment (except when an item is out of stock -- very rare).

Our bottom line is health and integrity, not finance. Making money means less to us than making the world a better place through the practice of yoga and honorable business dealings. Perhaps that is the reason that we have enjoyed the support of loyal customers for THIRTY-FIVE YEARS.