We received our shipment of two Sticky Mats and four Fuzzy Blocks and we are very pleased with the quick and easy service, and the quality of the products. This was really not a surprise, considering the Sandbags I purchased from you fifteen or twenty years ago still look like new. I appreciate that I can rely on Yoga Props to provide well made quality products without a lot a hype, garish graphics, et cetera. Thanks for everything, J.R.

when I was 21 I thought yoga props were for whimps!  now that I have my own I can never go back.  As young as 30 I can feel my body tighten more and more each day while I hover over my computer.  so these props are now my saving grace!thank you thank you! cheers! S.J.

Please don�t ever stop producing the type of mats that you currently have.  I was forced to use one of the geometric square pattern and thicker type of mats that are so popular, and I discovered that they do not give the same type of grip that your erratic pattern (I don�t know how else to describe the pattern) mats do.  I also believe the type of material you use in your mats is less slippery than the other type.  So, between the type of material and the pattern on the mat, yours outshine the others exponentially!  I could not keep my feet from slipping and had to think more about sliding than the yoga pose I would attempt.  Your mats are, by far, the best for a student of yoga who wishes to focus on the pose and not on sliding feet!  It also gave me an appreciation for some of the challenges some of my students endure using the more popular, but less sticky, type of mats.  I will address this issue with my students when I begin teaching again this winter. Thank you and please don�t change! P.C.

Hi Ruth,I appreciate your interest in customer satisfaction! I was very pleased with my entire transaction, the emails were friendly, the shipping lightning fast, and the products wonderful! And now you follow up too?  You guys are great!! Many thanks and Namaste! M.K.

I did send feedback right away because I was amazed at how fast the service was for my order. I'm totally pleased and look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thank you so much. Peace. L.B.
We are very happy with the quality of the items we received. As you may recall we had a discussion about the blocks, and the ones that Yoga Props sells are the very ones I was looking for but had thought could not find. The cushions also are solid and ideal for the work of restorative yoga, and the blankets are solid for our need. The book on Yoga Ropes ropes is well written and detailed and useful for anyone - even a less experienced practitioner to do most of the postures themselves. N.A.

Thank you so much for keeping me informed of my order status. I really appreciate it and will order through Yoga Props again because of this kind of customer service! D.H.

As always, your service and products are excellent. Next time I need to come myself to meet you! M.R.

I have a wonderful story about your company....about 4 years ago, I ordered the heartblock from you guys....and the lady sent the heartblock out to me before I even sent out my personal check....she said that she believed in the goodness of people.....I was very touched.  L.M.

I am so stoked with my items.  I am really impressed and proud of this company.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  In a yoga class in Santa Fe, New Mexico, July 2005, my arms completely collapsed from under me and I landed on my head.  My neck was injured -- not too badly, needless to say, I was hesitant to do any inversions...Now I can with the Headstander.  and I ordered the Heartblock years ago which helps counteract the damage done to my upper back and neck from my profession--dental hygiene,  I love your products.  I am saving up for a Backbender.......If you have any special sales and/or coupons let me know. Thank you so much. L.S.

Your Backbending bench arrived promptly in its well padded box.  The wood is beautiful and matches well the Heart Bench that I purchased previously.  The workmanship in your products is excellent and the pieces invite use. Thank you for your service and attention. A happy yogini. S.A.

These ropes are great! And the booklet accompanying them is excellent -- wonderful pictures and instruction. Thank you for providing such fine props -- and such an array of them -- to yoga practitioners. B.W.

I dig the Backbender, & service was great! Thanks, D.H.

I love all my props. They are beautiful as well as very helpful in my practice. I haven't done a headstand in many years and it was wonderful to be in that posture again. Thanks. K.C.

I'm embarrassed that I've forgotten her name already, but your assistant was funny and helpful and generous--so much so that I called her later in the day to tell her so. Her co-workers were also helpful and friendly. I love shopping locally, and I love not paying shipping charges on already-well-priced bolsters! When I refresh my prop stocks, I'll come to Yoga Props! H.C.

I'm very pleased with the excellent quality ropes and usage guide.  Other places within the UK that supply do not include the instructions and photographs, so this is very helpful indeed.I love your cat. I obviously will ask my teacher for guidance too.

I had no difficulties in receiving the ropes which arrived I think on the 26 June. I have been using them in my daily practice and already feel the burn (moderate of course) in my legs - delicious!

I will highly recommend you to my yogi friends and proudly declare to the world on my fridge I LOVE YOGA (thanks for the sticker). Many thanks indeed, L.R.

We received the yoga blocks and timers in record time. Thanks. The products are great and the pricing is too. Thanks for the speedy service and the good selection. P.P.

I am very happy with my Yoga Ropes! They arrived quickly (2 days after I ordered!), and your installation directions were good.  It feels great to stretch on them. Thank you, A.B.

I am so happy to have received my Back Bending Bench--Wow -- what a tremendous packing job!  I obviously, had no idea what it would take to ship it ---it arrived in perfect condition and is an incredibly beautiful piece. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your workmanship - obviously a labor of love, and for your commitment to my health and well being. You have blessed me. Thank you! J.R.

Your products arrived without delay and were better than expected. Very nice covers on the bolsters that will hold up probably longer than me. I especially like the neckroll and the breathing bolster which I have used every day since I got them. Thanks! S.P.

I recently purchased a few items from Yoga Props (including a previous order of blankets and another bolster and a DVD for a friend with breast cancer).  I wanted to thank you very much for the products exceptional quality, your great customer service and timely shipping.  I am utilizing the props in my daily home practice. They are enhancing and supporting my practice. Best regards, A.S.