Backbending Bench: $1,300.

Backbending Bench

Our Backbender is a beautiful, expertly crafted bench that facilitates a huge variety of poses and stretches. Click the links below to see how you can use the Backbending Bench to:

Only the Yoga Props® Backbending Bench features beautiful wood joinery, fully rounded edges for gripping and sliding comfort, solid hardwood construction throughout, and natural plant-based protective finishes.

"Hello, The Backbender is fantastic! I have nothing but good things to say about it. The order was filled quickly. It is a beautiful piece that I am happy to have as furniture in my home. The finish is amazingly smooth. And having the Backbender is such a life saver for me: I have a new baby and have not figured out how to do a full yoga practice since he was born, and the Backbender is amazingly effective to use in my shorter practice (and particularly in counteracting my nursing mother thoracic stoop!). Thank you for making such a great product!"
This pose opens her spinal joints in traction & stretches her back-muscles.
Relieving Back Pain

The Backbending Bench helps relieve back pain by providing a combination of spinal traction and back-muscle stretch. When you lie on your belly, the Backbender supports your body in a soft arc that spreads your vertebral joints into gentle traction. This relieves pain caused by pressure on the discs and nerves between your vertebrae.

Backbending Bench: $1,300.
Grasping the short pole keeps her hands from separating as they drop toward the floor, thus intensifying the shoulder stretch. The 10 lb. Sandbag helps her stretch even farther.
Bending her elbows and bracing her forearms against the wall carries the stretch deep into her shoulder muscles.

Stretching Chest and Shoulders

Many people suffer from chronically tense shoulder and chest muscles. Shoulder and chest tension causes headaches, shallow breathing, muscle pain and stiffness, mental stress, general discomfort and grouchiness. Our Backbending Bench helps relieve such tension by acting as a fulcrum over which you can expand your rib cage and extend your shoulder joints. When you recline on the Backbender and reach your arms over your head, the Backbender presses your upper spine toward the center of your body, thereby stretching your chest muscles and intensifying the extension of your shoulder joints. Nothing penetrates and dissolves shoulder and chest tension like these poses!
Squeezing her elbows together intensifies the stretch between her shoulder blades.
The Backbending Bench functions as a slant board, supporting her pelvic and abdominal organs in gentle inversion.

Stretching Pelvic and Abdominal Organs

Yoga is unique among exercise systems in its capacity to tone and stretch organs as well as muscles. By stretching, pressing, inverting, twisting, and massaging, yoga poses promote blood circulation that nourishes and cleanses your organs, while toning the muscles that line organ walls. Better nourishment, more efficient cleansing, and regular toning add up to increased vitality and healthful aging.

Our Backbending Bench supports you in poses that stretch, press, and invert your pelvic and abdominal organs. When you lie with your back on the Backbender's main hump, the Bench supports your body in a gentle arc that stretches all of the organs on the front of your body. When you lie with your hips over the Backbender's main hump and your head toward the Backbender's foot piece, the Bench functions as a slantboard, supporting you in a position that inverts your pelvic and abdominal organs. The stretch tones and increases circulation to your organ walls, while the inversion counteracts the effects of gravity's continuous distorting tug.


You can do two kinds of backbends on the Backbending Bench: Passive and Active.

Passive backbends (right) enable you to relax completely while stretching your chest, shoulders, and abdominal organs, stimulating kidney circulation, and mobilizing all of your vertebrae. Requiring no exertion, passive backbends restore energy if you're depleted, and are the perfect fitness activity when you lack energy for more vigorous exercise.

Active backbends (left) are vigorous poses. They require muscular effort and create more intense backbending stretches. These more demanding poses also develop muscle strength and tone.
Forward Bends

The Backbender helps stretch your hamstrings safely and effectively. Its rungs function as hand grips so you can use your arms to help extend your spine. The rungs also act as foot rests that extend your heels beyond the balls of your feet, drawing the stretch into your calves. The Backbending Bench helps you practice both one- and two-legged (but not three- or four-legged) seated forward bends.

The Backbender's rungs provide a hand grip that  helps her extend her spine as she stretches her hamstrings in  forward bends.
The Breathing Bolster enlarges the Backbender's profile -- helpful for tall people. The Bolster also softens the Backbender's feel.
Relieve Stress and Hypertension

Stress and hypertension lock our muscles and joints into patterns that prevent us from relaxing and enjoying our bodies' full ranges of motion. The Backbending Bench helps relieve stress and hypertension by supporting poses that stretch habitually cramped muscles. When your nervous system feels supported, you begin to relax deeply and thoroughly. Good thing the Bench is a bit hard…otherwise you might stay there all day.

Backbending Bench: $1,300.
This position counteracts scoliosis to the left.

Counterbalancing Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a permanent sideways curvature of the spine that affects some people very severely. Picture it by imagining bending to the left all the time. The muscles and organs on the right side of your spine and torso overstretch while those on the left compress. The Backbending Bench helps manage scoliosis by supporting your spine in a curve opposite its usual. This can ease pain and tension that accompany scoliosis, help tone chronically overstretched or cramped organs and muscles, and keep the scoliosis from worsening.

Counteract Humpback

When you recline with the Backbender's main curve under your upper spine, the Bench presses your vertebrae toward the center of your body. This position reverses the chronic humpback profile, providing regular sustained periods during which your chest and abdominal organs can function free of their chronic constrictions.
Backbending Bench: $1,300.
Shoulderstand and Plow

When you practice Shoulderstand or Plow on a Backbender, you can stand on the tops of your shoulders without flexing your neck 90 degrees. Instead, your neck slopes downhill, allowing your chin to move away from your chest. Doing Plow and Shoulderstand this way prevents the neck pain many people feel in these poses, while providing the freedom to do Shoulderstand variations with your legs. Indeed, you can even dance.

The Backbender eases neck strain in Shoulderstand, Shoulderstand variations & Plow because her neck slants downhill.
This position stretches her hamstrings while supporting her spine. It also relieves pain caused by varicose veins.

Teaching with the Backbender

Backbender helps teachers teach backbends, since it provides an option for students who can't do backbends without support. With a Bench in your studio, you can satisfy the needs of all students in your mixed-level classes. As you can see from the photo, the Backbender is also useful to menstruating women while you teach inverted poses.

Backbending Bench: $1,300.