Yoga Blankets
Pad knees, hip-bones, and skull for comfort;
elevate shoulders for neck ease in Shoulderstand.

Our Blankets provide firm, comfortable support in many poses. Use them for padding in sitting, kneeling, and reclining poses. Use a stack of Blankets to build shoulder height that prevents neck strain in Shoulderstand.

Our beautiful Blankets are made in Mexico. Their composition includes 70% to 90% cotton. Each Blanket is approximately 49" x 70".

We can't guarantee specific colors. Instead, we offer color categories: Earth Tones, Primary Colors, Muted, Dark, and Bright. To select your colors, write one or more of these categories in the text field before adding your Blankets to the cart.
Yoga Blankets:
1 - 5:
6 - 9:

 $25 each.
 $23 each.
 $20 each.

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First, specify color categories (e.g., 1 Earth Tones; 2 Primary; 1 Muted; 1 Bright). Next, add to cart.
First, specify color categories (e.g., 3 Earth Tones; 2 Primary; 1 Muted; 3 Dark). Next, add to cart.
First, specify color categories (e.g., 7 Earth Tones; 7 Primary; 3 Muted; 2 Dark; 7 Bright).
Above: Blankets in beautiful colors.
Above: The Blanket cushions her back knee.