Use Blocks to open your chest and extend your spine.
Try different leg stretches while opening your chest.

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Yoga Blocks
Provide support and height for comfort, alignment, and safety in poses.

Blocks provide the support or height you need to do poses safely, effectively, and with beautiful alignment. Yogis crave them, and tower-building toddlers love them. Under your hips, hands and heels, or between your hands, they provide stable grounding for full extension.

Foam Blocks
4" x 6" x 10"
Foam Blocks are made of rigid, light weight, durable foam. Each Block can support your entire body weight while compressing just a tad.  Many people find that the slight give  makes our Foam Blocks more comfortable in some poses.

Grey only.
Foam Blocks
1 - 9:

↓ 1 - 9 Foam Blocks. ↓
↓ 10+ Foam Blocks.

Fuzzy Blocks
4" x 6" x 10"
Fuzzy Blocks are made of the same foam as Foam Blocks. They are light weight, and slightly yielding. Fuzzy Blocks are covered with richly colored 100% cotton corduroy.

Random colored corduroy.

Fuzzy Blocks
1 - 9:

↓ 1 - 9 Fuzzy Blocks. ↓
↓ 10+ Fuzzy Blocks.

Wooden Blocks
3.25" x 4.5" x 9"
Our Wood Blocks are made of scraps from our wood shop. They are hollow, so very light. Corners and edges are rounded and smoothed. Wood Blocks are finished with a plant-based oil.

Our present batch of Wood Blocks is darker than the one pictured here.
Wood Blocks

Wood Blocks.
Block supports her for perfect alignment in Triangle Pose.
Blocks are firm, even under full body weight.