The Shoulderstand Lift elevates her shoulders 2" so her neck need not flex as intensely as it would were she doing Shoulderstand on the floor.
Shoulderstand Lift:

1 - 5
6 - 9
$27 each.
$25 each.
Shoulderstand Lift


Our Shoulderstand Lift elevates your shoulders 2" as you do the Shoulderstand. The Lift eases neck strain by reducing the stretch on your neck muscles, and supporting the natural curve of your neck as you do the Shoulderstand. It also eases discomfort in your chest and shoulder muscles by reducing the stretch required for a truly vertical Shoulderstand.

The Shoulderstand Lift is made of rigid yet yielding foam. It provides firmer, more stable support than a pile of Blankets because, unlike Blankets, the Shoulderstand Lift does not compress where you most need support. For more height, combine the Lift with one or two Blankets. To prevent your elbows from separating, wrap it with a Sticky Mat. For a Mother's Day surprise, use it as a breakfast tray.
2.25" x 24" x 20"

Of all timers we tested, we liked this best for yoga. It features both Count-Up and Count-Down timers, and built-in clip, magnet-hanger, table stand. Once you tell it how many hours, minutes, and seconds, the Timer counts down and beeps when it reaches zero. It has a memory, so you can repeat the last time setting many times without resetting. I use this feature when I practice a series of seated forward bends.

Timer: $10.

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For 10+, at $25↓.